Artist's Statement

In my art and in my life I have sought to cast a bridge between outside and inside, between the finite and the infinite. I have struggled as an artist and as a man with ego, with rebelliousness, with compulsiveness and with fear. I no longer feel that art is separate from life. My life now is an attempt to probe and to test the boundaries between life and art. My limitations as a man are the same limitations I have as an artist. I want my life to be a continuous and infinitely varied repetition of the question "What is Art?.

I seek only freedom in art and in life. I do not seek a style. Style, like imagination and technique, exists only on the surface limiting the artist to one vision. My great wish as an artist is to find pure faith in my own subtlest impulses, without the intrusion of my ego which I know to be "suspicious at least and vicious at worst" (A Course In Miracles). I want to find an intuitive faith which will create transcendent, beautiful objects, objects with rhythm, movement, depth, balance, objects with a mysterious quality that inspires the viewer to an inner experience, to what Richard Pousette-Dart calls "an aesthetic emotion". That is my ideal. My tools are colors, the "children of light", and forms fleeting yet visible to the innocent eye.

I want to go beyond style in my work, to become an honest channel for the pure stream of Creative Intelligence as It manifests through me. Let Higher Conscious Dynamism be my style, resplendent with endless change and variety. Let me be true to the impulses of my Higher Self, and let fall the albatross of mind and ego.

138 years ago the novelist Emile Zola wrote:

" A work of Art is a bit of creation seen through a temperament".

If I have a style, that style is my temperament. It is not a gimmick; it is not a product of imagination or technique. Style can never by copied, for it is the absolutely unique rhythm of the individual artist. That uniqueness, manifesting the spark of the Absolute, is the Miracle of Art.

My only fascination with technique is in the courtship of the Beautiful. What paint or pigment, what tip or edge, what surface serves best to render Beauty as I see it. In the macrocosm and in the microcosm of creation I find great joy. God is in the details! He is in the depths when the surface plays upon Him. He is on the surface when there is distance, and close, and Here!

"Two things inspire me to awe", wrote Albert Einstein, "the starry heavens above and the moral universe within."

I no longer believe that the artist is a unique kind of man or woman. I believe that every person is a unique kind of artist. We may create havoc or wonderment in our lives, ugliness or beauty, but we are all endowed with the gift of creativity and the awesome responsibility of learning to use it wisely.

Painting is not at the service of my mind. Rather, it is my mind's healer. Art is beyond the expression of personal emotions. In painting I feel my Being most passionately alive, I am most wholly (holy) myself while simultaneously in touch with my Universality.

Art is the finite in search of the Infinite.

Art exists to enrich the Soul.

Art Quotes

We lie in the lap of immense intelligence, which makes us organs of its activity and receivers of its truth. We do nothing of ourselves but allow a passage to its beams. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

To create is to love. Love extends outward simply because it cannot be contained. Being limitless, love does not stop. It creates forever, but not in time. --A Course In Miracles

Every beautiful thing is a window by which the soul may catch a kindling,inspiring glimpse of the eternal. --Willhem deKooning

Color is life; for a world without colors appears to us as dead. Colors are primordial ideas, children of the aboriginal colorless light and its counterpart, colorless darkness. As flame begets light, so light engenders colors. Colors are the children of light, and light is their mother. Light, that first phenomenon of the world, reveals to us the spirit and living soul of the world through colors. --Johannes Itten

When the wrist is animated by the spirit, rivers and mountains deliver up their souls! --Shi Tao (17th century Chinese painter-monk)

If you seek the kernel, then you must break the shell. And likewise, if you would know the reality of nature, you must destroy the appearance, and the farther you go beyond the appearance, the nearer you will be to the essence. --Meister Eckhart (13th century mystic)

I Am nature! --Jackson Pollack

Art is the adventure of our growth. --Richard Pousette-Dart



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